Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Katy goes outside: The Pentatonix concert

So I'm starting a new sporadic series up on the blog where I actually go outside and report back on interesting things I do. The first event of this series is obviously one of the best things I have done in May and possibly the whole year really which was go see Pentatonix live in Birmingham. If you have never heard of this group (have you not been on the internetin the last three years) they are an American five piece acapella band who have blown up on the Youtube scene after winning a niche acapella TV show in 2011.
They are mainly know for their super original renditions of other people's songs but are increasing creating amazing original content. Probably their most notable success to date was when they recently won a Grammy for their Daft Punk mash up.

I have loved Pentatonix for a while now and they are one of my favourite bands (I admit the fangirling was extreme when they were performing/walking through the crowd right by me) so I jumped at the chance to head half way up the country (under pretences of visiting my sister) to see them perform. I was so excited and had high expectations, knowing what they could do, but these were blown out of the water with how good they actually were. Their show was presently essentially as a high energy pop concert but without even a hint of any instruments. I was so impressed with how they could fill a three thousand capacity venue and make it seem like they had an entire band with them. However, I think the most special part of the night was when they sang their original Christmas song (yes I know it was May but who cares) without microphones. I have never heard a crowd be so quiet in my life. It was truly a moment I will treasure.
Overall, they are some of the most talented people I have encountered and as soon as it ended I wanted it to happen twenty times more (dancing alone in my kitchen to their cover of Aha! will have to do though) so props to Scott, Mitch, Avi, Kevin and Kirstie for being incredible and slaying the scene as I knew they would.
I urge you to look them up on Youtube and I can guarantee you will fall in love with all of them.


  1. I've never actually heard of them before, I know shocking! Sounds like it was such a good concert though, I'll be checking them out!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style & Beauty Blog

  2. You should check them out, I can pretty much guarantee you will like them.