Friday, 29 May 2015

Stressed out chic?

wearing: tshirt from superfruit, jeans from topshop, shoes from primark.
If you read my last post then you will have seen that for the last two weeks all I have wanted to wear is oversized men's tshirts and skinny jeans. I like to call it stressed uni student chic. I think it is partially that I'm spending countless hours in the library (so comfort is key) and partially because I've been looking at a lot of men's fashion. I'm inspired.
This tshirt is one of my favourites at the moment because you know black but also it's a nod to the Youtube channel Superfruit (two of the guys from Pentatonix obviously because when do I ever not talk about them).
In other news I think I've seen too many late nights in the library recently (1am should be for sleeping not learning about centrifugation) and this trend will continue for another couple of weeks until all my uni exams over and I can finally collapse into summer mode (think actual outfit posts and going outside). I honestly cannot wait.


  1. danielpoonvignez31 May 2015 at 09:58

    lovely outfits!

  2. Thanks this is my 'I don't want to put effort in' outfit.