Tuesday, 19 May 2015

The only five lip products you need

mac lipstick in peach blossom, sephora lip cream in red, bourjois colour boost lip crayon in orange punch, mac lip liner in boldy bare, rimmel kate moss lip stick in 01.

I'm such a creature of habit when it comes to makeup. I'm not the sort of person who has seven foundations, five different bronzers and thirty seven blush choices. This is partly because my student definitely would not stretch that far but mainly because I just know that I would pick the same product every time. I mean I've been using the same eyeshadow combination pretty much everyday since January. 
The only deviation from this curve though is lip products. I still keep to a small selection compared to some but I do mix it up day to day. Above are my five current favourites and I think these encompass just about every social situation. There are a couple of reds for going out or if I'm just feeling more fancy, a peach-y nude for everyday, a coral if I'm feeling summery and a nude/brown lip pencil for when I just don't want to think about my makeup all day. 
I recently went to a Sephora for the first time when I was in Spain and I instantaneously headed for the lip creams and picked out this red immediately because it is raved about by pretty much every blogger, Liv Purvis and Lily Pebbles especially. I can honestly say this is the most long lasting reds I have ever worn, so much so that I would happily wear it for a three (or four or five) course dinner without even thinking about having to reapply.
The others are all older favourites but I can't seem to bring myself to ever use anything else.

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