Saturday, 9 May 2015

The Sunday Files: Vol. 7

Time to amalgamate the best of the last seven days...

Reading: The Taylor Swift issue of Glamour (June 2015). It is no secret that Taylor Swift is possibly my favourite celebrity so when this magazine issue came out I had to pick it up straight away. Packed with articles written by the lady herself it is a must read if you love the pop queen as much as I do.

Listening: Lemonade by Sophie. This is a PC music genre song produced by the DJ Sophie and he loves to use odd beats, sounds and samples to create really interesting sounding tracks. This song (and all his others) are definitely not for everyone but give it a listen over on my Soundcloud and make up your own mind.

Eating: Ok so not a food but a large quantity of gin and tonics. By that I don't mean one after the other but I have pretty much been to the pub with friends every night of the week and this has been my drink of choice (feeling pretty grown up for this now).

Doing: Spending days lazing (gin and tonic in hand) by the quay in my town which is just so pretty when the sun is out as there are such great views across the harbour to the islands. Yesterday I went with my friend to get her another tattoo and then we sat watching the boat parade and the sunshine glistening off the water. It was blissful. 

Loving: Acne studios. I have spent many an hour scrolling their website for stark minimalist shoes and thick neoprene sweatshirts. They are one of my favourite designers at the moment and I just love how they create unusual and androgynous shapes for woman while allowing them to fit the female shape absolutely perfectly. 

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  1. acne studidios is lifeee