Thursday, 25 June 2015

Sounds like June

Sorry I have been away for a little bit, I genuinely have no excuse, time just seemed to fly past me in the last week but hopefully I can up my game and take some outfit shots for you guys soon. Right now though I have a playlist of some songs that I have essentially had on repeat all of this month. It is a bit of an odd mix but it will make your summer sound great (or at least that is the aim!)

Friday, 12 June 2015

Last days

wearing: top from new look, skirt from tesco, shoes from primark, hat & cardigan from h&m.
It's Friday June 12th which means my first year at university is officially over and I move out of my halls today (I've almost cried like three times whilst taking down photos). This year has been such a whirlwind but I have loved it and have made some amazing friends. Last week we all took a trip into Brighton together for the last time til September (some people left early) and I convinced them to take these photos for me, so thanks to Julia and Holly for standing in the middle of the road for me.
We also stumbled across this gorgeous campervan and so I obviously had to pose in front of it, then the guy who owned it came out and let me sit in it (dream come true really) which was so lovely of him.

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Let's get summer ready

This Thursday marks my last exam for my first year of university and so the start of a three month long summer. This means switching up my beauty routine for long, lazy days at the beach or in the park (a pedalo on the lake is my kind of fun) and preparing my skin for an onslaught of sunshine (hopefully), salt water and chlorine.

mermaid memories...
Living near the beach, salt (and sadly sand) is a constant feature of my hair for most of the summer but when I haven't been swimming in the freezing English Channel I love to spritz some Got2b salt spray into my hair to emulate that beach swept style. I just spray some on damp hair, put it into two plaits and let it air dry because who has time for neat curls whilst you are on holiday.
I also like to switch up my scent when the days get hotter. This year I'm heading for the Body Shop Moringa body mist because it is such a light product with a gentle floral scent, nothing too over powering. It lasts all day so perfect if you are out enjoying the sunshine, no need to carry your perfume with you.
The summer is basically the only time I really think about taking care of my toes, I mean with all the sandals I will be wearing I need to make sure that my feet look presentable. I just painted my toes with this Topshop polish in Boy Next Door ready for next weekend (there is a festival in my small town and I will probably rock the bare foot look at some point). This is the perfect summer shade to go with a tan (I'm never getting one of those) but the best thing is that it lasts a really long time so I can be a bit lazy.

silky summer skin...
The thing I tend to take the most care of in the summer is my skin because the sea, sand and sun combined wreaks havoc on my dry arms and legs. For this reason I use the Body Shop coconut body butter religiously post shower (and post beach and post pool, post everything really). It has such a wonderful scent which makes me think of tropical islands. I'm really wishing I was on said tropical island to be honest.
Also from the Body Shop is my body scrub of choice, the Moringa scented scrub. This little pot of joy has the same scent as the body mist above so not as many scent clashes. Apart from that though I find it exfoliates my skin without being harsh or scratchy. Exfoliating is super important if you have been tanned as it will keep it even and hopefully stop anywhere from peeling.
Finally, on my fingers I like to head towards typical summery shades such as this nail varnish from No7 in 230 Mojo. I'm not a fan of neon's at all but this varnish gives me the colour without the need to wear sunglasses whenever I look at my hands (maybe an exaggeration).

Sunday, 7 June 2015

The Sunday Files: Vol. 11

Time to amalgamate the best of the last seven days...

Reading: Zoe Suen's blog. You have most likely heard of Zoe because she is everything and her edgy, more androgynous style is amazing. Think monochromatic and oversized everything. The way she writes on her blog as well is creative and a pleasure to read.

ListeningDeep End (ft. Eastside & Mayer Hawthorne) by Coucheron. This track is definitely going to be one that I play on repeat all summer because it has that happy, electric vibe that fits perfectly with bright sunlight and lazy days on the beach. This week I have been listening to it to remind me that by next Thursday I will be free for the summer and my first year at uni will be over. My track of choice to make me dream of mojitos and champagne at pool parties (my ideal summer activity).

Eating: Sushi from Kokoro in Brighton. This is a really small Japanese restaurant which serves the BEST sushi I have ever tried (and I have sampled quite a lot in my life). They also serve huge pots of chilli ginger prawn noodles and tofu curry which me and my friends like to pick up for picnics on the beach. This has been happening a lot this week because the weather has finally warmed up so the beach is a beautiful place to be.

Doing: This will be the last week when all I can really say is revision but in my revision breaks I have watched a lot of Ben J Pierce's Youtube videos. He is a 16 year old American Youtuber and his video are honestly some of the funniest I have ever watched. He is creative, talented and unbelievably witty (see 'chicken nuggets of wisdom') so I just wonder why I never discovered him before. Seriously if you need 10 minutes of comedic relief check out a video or two of his.

Loving: Colab dry shampoo. This seems like a really lame thing to love this week but I have wanted to try this product for ages but have never actually picked it up. I am a bit of a dry shampoo junkie because washing my hair is such a bore so if I can get another day without doing it I definitely will. I got the Rio fragrance and it is seriously so much better than any other product I have used. It soaks up oil and gives great volume without any white, powdery residue (in fact it comes out completely invisible) and with a really subtle tropical fragrance which is a nice change from some other products I have tried. Just go get it.

Thursday, 4 June 2015

Drinking in the brandy

wearing: top and trousers from brandy melville, shoes from primark.
 Fun fact: whilst setting up the shot to take these photos a woman came over and asked me if I was an architecture student. She wouldn't stop taking so I kind of just agreed so she would leave as the rain clouds were moving in fast. She then tried to hire me to draw up some plans for her new conservatory as she needed 'someone young with vision'. Lesson of the day is don't just agree with people to try and shorten conversations.
These photos were taken post Research Methods in Biochemistry exam so if I look frazzled then it is because I totally was. I decided to wear all Brandy Melville because 1) this outfit looks great as a whole, 2) it is the most comfy thing to wear ever and 3) it was what was hung over the back of my chair so I quickly grabbed it in between trying to memorise gel electrophoresis types.
Seriously though Brandy use the softest fabrics I have ever felt which is the best thing when it comes to clothing. I mean who wants to be uncomfortable in what they are wearing (unless it looks extra incredible). I took the chance to shop at Brandy Melville whilst in Spain because there isn't a shop anywhere near me in the UK. However next time I go to London I will probably buy the entire shop. Please for your own sake just go in and at least feel how cosy the clothing is.

'look how cute that dog is!!'

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

May Instagrams

1) I went to a Pentatonix concert at the beginning of May (aka the best gig I have ever been to)
2) While I was in Birmingham I took the opportunity to spend some time in my favourite vintage shop Cow Vintage. I was overwhelmed with pretty clothes.
3) I showed you my favourite ever midi skirt at the beach (it was actually warm then).
4) After I went home I spent a day down on Poole quay with one of my best friends.
5) The view of Brownsea island from the quay.
6) Pretty new shoes (Acne style but for a broke university student like myself).
7) I got my Spain disposables developed, or what wasn't corrupted, and so had some pretty pictures of me and my sisters.
8) Spring flowers got me very excited so I had to take a picture of them.
9) My home town is so pretty when the sun is shining.

1) I spent probably too much money on some Beyoncé 7/11 merch. Absolutely no regrets though because I basically haven't taken it off for weeks.
2) I started training for my first half marathon and this trail was my first running route.
3) My friend Laura jetted off travelling YET AGAIN so I used it as an excuse for a cute #tbt from my year 11 prom in 2011.
4) Some items from a relaxing morning at home.

1) I went in on some Mexican food with my parents after seeing Pitch Perfect 2.
2) My five favourite lip products at the moment (and the only ones I really use).
3) I went out to dinner with my granny and got a bit too excited over chocolate desserts.
4) This was me trying to prove that adults can wear temporary tattoos and still look cool, this particular one came free with a tshirt I bought.
5) De-stressing before my first exam with a dark chocolate and marshmallow crepe from The Creperie in Brighton.
6) A picture from my most recent outfit post featuring essentially a tshirt of a fangirl.
7) I was excited to be back in Brighton so I portrayed this with a pretty picture of the pavilion.
8) A picture from outfit shooting where I saw a really cute dog whilst the picture was being taken.
9) The sea because you all know I love it so much.