Thursday, 4 June 2015

Drinking in the brandy

wearing: top and trousers from brandy melville, shoes from primark.
 Fun fact: whilst setting up the shot to take these photos a woman came over and asked me if I was an architecture student. She wouldn't stop taking so I kind of just agreed so she would leave as the rain clouds were moving in fast. She then tried to hire me to draw up some plans for her new conservatory as she needed 'someone young with vision'. Lesson of the day is don't just agree with people to try and shorten conversations.
These photos were taken post Research Methods in Biochemistry exam so if I look frazzled then it is because I totally was. I decided to wear all Brandy Melville because 1) this outfit looks great as a whole, 2) it is the most comfy thing to wear ever and 3) it was what was hung over the back of my chair so I quickly grabbed it in between trying to memorise gel electrophoresis types.
Seriously though Brandy use the softest fabrics I have ever felt which is the best thing when it comes to clothing. I mean who wants to be uncomfortable in what they are wearing (unless it looks extra incredible). I took the chance to shop at Brandy Melville whilst in Spain because there isn't a shop anywhere near me in the UK. However next time I go to London I will probably buy the entire shop. Please for your own sake just go in and at least feel how cosy the clothing is.

'look how cute that dog is!!'


  1. So funny that someone tried to hire you on the streets haha! I wouldn't know what to say! Love your trousers they look incredibly comfy :) xx


  2. Love the print, I live in London so will definitely check out the shop! Fingers crossed your exams went well! x

  3. You should definitely check out the shop they have some wonderful staple pieces.

  4. It is funny now but at the time it was the most awkward situation.

  5. Those trousers are everything right now, love the look hun!

  6. Omg what did you say when she asked you to draw up plans??? I love those trousers, I've never bought anything from Brandy Melville before but I want to now, the fabric sounds amazing

    The Velvet Black // UK Style & Beauty Blog

  7. I just kind of mumbled that I didn't know how helpful I would be until she gave up and walked away haha. The fabric is the best, they have the most comfortable clothes.