Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Let's get summer ready

This Thursday marks my last exam for my first year of university and so the start of a three month long summer. This means switching up my beauty routine for long, lazy days at the beach or in the park (a pedalo on the lake is my kind of fun) and preparing my skin for an onslaught of sunshine (hopefully), salt water and chlorine.

mermaid memories...
Living near the beach, salt (and sadly sand) is a constant feature of my hair for most of the summer but when I haven't been swimming in the freezing English Channel I love to spritz some Got2b salt spray into my hair to emulate that beach swept style. I just spray some on damp hair, put it into two plaits and let it air dry because who has time for neat curls whilst you are on holiday.
I also like to switch up my scent when the days get hotter. This year I'm heading for the Body Shop Moringa body mist because it is such a light product with a gentle floral scent, nothing too over powering. It lasts all day so perfect if you are out enjoying the sunshine, no need to carry your perfume with you.
The summer is basically the only time I really think about taking care of my toes, I mean with all the sandals I will be wearing I need to make sure that my feet look presentable. I just painted my toes with this Topshop polish in Boy Next Door ready for next weekend (there is a festival in my small town and I will probably rock the bare foot look at some point). This is the perfect summer shade to go with a tan (I'm never getting one of those) but the best thing is that it lasts a really long time so I can be a bit lazy.

silky summer skin...
The thing I tend to take the most care of in the summer is my skin because the sea, sand and sun combined wreaks havoc on my dry arms and legs. For this reason I use the Body Shop coconut body butter religiously post shower (and post beach and post pool, post everything really). It has such a wonderful scent which makes me think of tropical islands. I'm really wishing I was on said tropical island to be honest.
Also from the Body Shop is my body scrub of choice, the Moringa scented scrub. This little pot of joy has the same scent as the body mist above so not as many scent clashes. Apart from that though I find it exfoliates my skin without being harsh or scratchy. Exfoliating is super important if you have been tanned as it will keep it even and hopefully stop anywhere from peeling.
Finally, on my fingers I like to head towards typical summery shades such as this nail varnish from No7 in 230 Mojo. I'm not a fan of neon's at all but this varnish gives me the colour without the need to wear sunglasses whenever I look at my hands (maybe an exaggeration).

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