Sunday, 7 June 2015

The Sunday Files: Vol. 11

Time to amalgamate the best of the last seven days...

Reading: Zoe Suen's blog. You have most likely heard of Zoe because she is everything and her edgy, more androgynous style is amazing. Think monochromatic and oversized everything. The way she writes on her blog as well is creative and a pleasure to read.

ListeningDeep End (ft. Eastside & Mayer Hawthorne) by Coucheron. This track is definitely going to be one that I play on repeat all summer because it has that happy, electric vibe that fits perfectly with bright sunlight and lazy days on the beach. This week I have been listening to it to remind me that by next Thursday I will be free for the summer and my first year at uni will be over. My track of choice to make me dream of mojitos and champagne at pool parties (my ideal summer activity).

Eating: Sushi from Kokoro in Brighton. This is a really small Japanese restaurant which serves the BEST sushi I have ever tried (and I have sampled quite a lot in my life). They also serve huge pots of chilli ginger prawn noodles and tofu curry which me and my friends like to pick up for picnics on the beach. This has been happening a lot this week because the weather has finally warmed up so the beach is a beautiful place to be.

Doing: This will be the last week when all I can really say is revision but in my revision breaks I have watched a lot of Ben J Pierce's Youtube videos. He is a 16 year old American Youtuber and his video are honestly some of the funniest I have ever watched. He is creative, talented and unbelievably witty (see 'chicken nuggets of wisdom') so I just wonder why I never discovered him before. Seriously if you need 10 minutes of comedic relief check out a video or two of his.

Loving: Colab dry shampoo. This seems like a really lame thing to love this week but I have wanted to try this product for ages but have never actually picked it up. I am a bit of a dry shampoo junkie because washing my hair is such a bore so if I can get another day without doing it I definitely will. I got the Rio fragrance and it is seriously so much better than any other product I have used. It soaks up oil and gives great volume without any white, powdery residue (in fact it comes out completely invisible) and with a really subtle tropical fragrance which is a nice change from some other products I have tried. Just go get it.


  1. zoe's blog is one of my faves and i really want to try the dry shampoo!

  2. Zoe is one of my favourites too, she is one of the reasons I first got into blogging!