Wednesday, 30 September 2015

One second summer

So this summer I decided to undertake the, surprisingly hard, challenge of taking a one second snapshot of every single one of my days. I wanted to do it because at the start of the summer I was looking ahead to three months of working a full time job in a fast food restaurant with no holidays abroad or exciting trips planned, however I knew that there would be plenty of days where I had a great time. I wanted to remember these moments. Now the actual practicalities of filming just a second of each day is what I found hard, often the activity for the day had ended and everyone left before I even thought to take out my phone to capture it (maybe shows I was actually having an amazing time as I wasn't thinking about my phone). Some days I did enough to capture 5 or 6 different exciting seconds whilst other days I came home from work and ate chocolate in my pyjamas for a couple of hours (hardly video worthy). For these reasons there are a few days in the video that are skipped over as I didn't have a video but I love this video despite that because watching it back it really does show me that it is the little moments that count: the great bath bomb, the laughter whilst playing board games with your friends or the smell of your dad's incredible cooking (soppy alert!). 
I think I might try to start this project again in January and try to capture every single day of 2016 because that would be an awesome memory to keep and who am I kidding I'm a sucker for a memory project (I'm looking at you half finished scrapbooks - we'll see if I can finish this project).

Note: Yes July 5th is a clip of me watching Jayden and Willow Smith at Wireless Festival and yes they were honestly incredible.

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