Saturday, 26 September 2015

University details: Year two

details: duvet cover & centre cushion from dunelm mill, animal cushions were presents.

I did a post similar to this one last year where I showed you some details from my halls accommodation, well second year has now started and so I've moved into a house with three of my friends. My room is 100% complete yet because I still need a trip to Ikea to get a bedside lamp and some makeup storage but I'm really happy with how it looks at the moment.
Obviously the most exciting part is that for the first time in my life I have a double bed (perfect for falling asleep with my laptop open next to me). I loved the idea of having a grey/mustard yellow theme to my room even though it clashes somewhat with the awful cream/off white walls. I also have the cosiest grey throw at the end of my bed but the room is too small to capture the entire bed.
I also love waking up and seeing this motivational poster on the wall (see above), I would have liked something that matched my bedspread more but it was the only poster I could find that I liked and I just needed to cover the dirty wall marks (really selling student houses to you aren't I).
Overall I think my room has turned out as well as it could have bearing in mind I'm renting a cheap student housing. I really can't wait until I can decorate my own house!

details: candle from primark, serum from kiehls, books are animal farm and N-W.
details: photo strip from urban outfitters, photobooth pictures taken in mesmerist and snooper's paradise.

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